Artparasites é uma revista feita em Berlin e, como o próprio sugere, o conteúdo é sobre arte. A fanpage dela é maravilhosa e sempre tem algum artwork com uma frase/pensamento/palavra do dia que faz sentido. Vale a pena seguir:

“To say a person is a happy person or an unhappy person is ridiculous. We are a thousand different kinds of people every hour.” —Anthony Doerr, Memory Wall #TodaysMantra Collage by Matthieu Bourel
today’s convo: “How beautiful to find a heart that loves you, without asking you for anything, but to be okay.” —Khalil Gibran “The greatest gift you can give someone is the space to be his or herself, without the threat of you leaving.” —Kai, Lessons in Life #39 Illustrations by Kaye Blegvad
word of the day: pistanthrophobia n. fear of trusting people due to past experiences with relationships gone bad painting by James Jean
“One of the most courageous decisions you will ever make is to finally let go of whatever is hurting your heart and soul.” —Brigitte Nicole #TodaysMantra #ArtMashup >:) – Artist Unknown
word of the day: ... is there a word for “i’m okay but it’s a fragile kind of okay so be gentle with me”? (via @androgynistic) Artwork by Jessica Rimondi
word of the day: …
is there a word for “i’m okay but it’s a fragile kind of okay so be gentle with me”? (via @androgynistic)
Artwork by Jessica Rimondi
today’s convo: “The way we see the world shapes the way we treat it. If a mountain is a deity, not a pile of ore; if a river is one of the veins of the land, not potential irrigation water; if a forest is a sacred grove, not timber; if other species are biological kin, not resources; or if the planet is our mother, not an opportunity – then we will treat each other with greater respect. Thus is the challenge, to look at the world from a different perspective.” —David Suzuki “People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson Image from the sketchbook of Zoe Sees
“Millions of people have decided not to be sensitive. They have grown thick skins around themselves just to avoid being hurt by anybody. But it is at great cost. Nobody can hurt them, but nobody can make them happy either.” —OSHO #TodaysMantra #ArtMashup Ceramic sculpture by Kate Macdowell
“From feelings we grow.” #TodaysMantra Drawing by Rubyetc
today’s convo: “You have to find the right distance between people. Too close, and they overwhelm you, too far and they abandon you.” —Hanif Kureishi “…my need for closeness outweighs my sense of self-preservation.” —Virginia Woolf, from a diary entry artwork by Luisa Rivera

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